Holidays as a single dad

As a divorced father of two adorable kids, I relish my time with them. None more so than when we holiday together. We are just finishing a 2 week holiday in Italy and I know full well that the usual holiday blues are 10 fold for guys in my position. We get home, we kiss our kids goodbye and suddenly get thrown back into the lonely life of the single ‘absent’ dad. I hate that term, as it brings connotations of choosing to be away, it’s just the way it tends to work out.

But I didn’t start this to bemoan my lot, I’m incredibly lucky and I’ve just had the most amazing fortnight, so I need to prepare myself for the blues to come. I’ve learnt to be proactive in this and will make sure I have a whirlwind of social activity planned (ok, I’ll go see my mum 😉

I’ve spent the time just talking rubbish with my kids, we hang out, we see some sights, we play fight (they’re 11 & 9 so I’m started to lose!!) and generally for me it’s to make sure they realise just how much I love them. This isn’t achieved by spending a fortune or showering them with gifts, it is done very simply by giving them the most precious of commodities in today’s hectic world – my time

it is becoming harder to do that, and I’ve spent a couple of evenings working while they’ve been in bed, but for the most part, they have my undivided attention

I want my kids to have fond memories of time together and that will only be achieved if I do it with them when I get the opportunity, so my solemn promise a couple of years ago was to try wherever possible to choose time with my kids over money, opportunity and even relationships (that last bit hasn’t proved too tricky tbh 😂)

have I given them my undivided attention, I hope so. Did it cost me, no! I’VE LOVED EVERY MINUTE


A lifetime of memories – wish I could remember them ;-)